Spring is officially here! If you are in WNC on Saturday (4/13)- Stop by Haywood's Historic Farmer's Market from 9-12. We will be there and we hope you are too! Happy Growing 💚
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North Asheville Tailgate Market 2024

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We will be at the North Asheville Tailgate Market every other Saturday from April to October! We will bring with us an assortment of Drosera, Sarracenia, Flytraps, and Nepenthes each week. Come often as the inventory is ever changing. Something new I'm really excited for this year- We are going to be selling "Bog Builder" kits for people who want to start their own carnivorous plant bog. 


This year the market will be in an alternative location until the construction around the UNCA campus wraps up. For now, the market is being held in LOT 34. Here is a convenient map created by the Market to help direct people. There will also be signs around campus to assist in finding it as well. 

For more information about vendors, hours or location- visit https://northashevilletailgatemarket.com/


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