We will be at Haywood's Historic Farmer's Market Saturday (6/22) from 9-12. Happy Growing 💚
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About Our Greenhouse

We are a small, family owned and operated greenhouse located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We fell in love with plants over twenty years ago while living and hiking throughout Western North Carolina. When I studied botany in college, my love for the natural world only deepened. While in college, I started an "experimental" greenhouse where I could test different ideas about propagation, growing, and flowering many species of orchids,  begonias, carnivorous plants, and other tropics. I learned many valuable lessons in that space that I brought to our new production greenhouse. Blue Ridge Exotics focuses on producing and growing many unusual, exotic and rare carnivorous and tropical plants in a sustainable manner. We tissue culture many of our plants in house to ensure quality, vigorous varieties and also to protect against wild collection. Our motto is "No whimpy plants!" We also personally use all the products sold on our page. If you ever have any questions about any of our products or plants, contact us. We stand behind everything we sell.