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Pinguicula primuliflora, live carnivorous butterwort, bareroot

Pinguicula primuliflora, live carnivorous butterwort, bareroot


Commonly referred to as the Primrose Butterwort, this carnivorous plant is native to the Southern US. It has sticky, oblong leaves which it uses to trap insects such as ants, flies, mosquitos and gnats. It is prolific and will produce plantlets on the ends of its leaves. The lilac colored flowers are produced on sticky stems that are high about the foliage. It readily blooms throughout the year provided temperatures are warm. Makes for an invaluable member to any indoor plant collection, especially orchids.

*** PLEASE NOTE- Pinguicula primuliflora will be shipped bareroot in a container with damp paper towels. We will also provide a 3.5" pot and enough media to fill the pot. It is best to offer extra humidity once you receive and repot the plant. 

Pinguicula Care: Butterworts do best in partial shade with bright indirect light. They are well suited for growing on window ledges or outdoors during warm months. They must be watered with non-chlorinated water preferably with a low TDS (between 0 and 25ppm). You can use rain water, RO or distilled. They do not like to dry out but do occasionally tolerate being flooded. When watering, place plants in a tray and pour water in tray about 1/2” (referred to as the tray method) as they enjoy high humidity.  Avoid watering the crown of the plant. Temperature should be maintained between 50°F and 85°F. They can survive lower temperatures but will cease to grow until temperatures are warmer. They generally do well in open terrariums. When repotting, take care not to damage their root systems.

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