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Shipping Information


We are a licensed greenhouse therefore we can ship to all states including California, Arizona and Nevada. All packages will include a copy of our license and our compliance agreement. We also ship to Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and all US territories.  

We ship out Monday, Wednesday and Friday and process shipments in the order they are received. 

We use both USPS Priority and USPS Priority Express. If you choose USPS Priority, your package should arrive in 1-3 days after it is processed, packed and sent. USPS Express is the only guaranteed service. If you are worried about delivery times or if you need your purchase quickly for a present or special occasion, choose Express. USPS Express orders are generally sent out the next day or even same day if possible. 

If your package is late, please know that during this time USPS seems to not be scanning packages as often and many times packages are further along to their destination that tracking indicates. If your Priority package has not reached you after 5 days from it being sent out, contact USPS and they may have additional information. Please have your tracking number handy.  https://usps.force.com/emailus/s/

Please check and double check your delivery address. If your address is incorrect, contact us immediately and we can change it in the system. If your order has already shipped out then your address cannot be changed on our end but you may be able to contact USPS and intercept your package. Once again, have your tracking number handy. https://retail-pi.usps.com/retailpi/actions/index.action

Make sure your delivery address is safe and secure. If your package is marked as delivered but you have not received, please check in with other members of your household and neighbors. Also check your mailbox and the surrounding areas, front porch, back porch, and other outdoor places. If you still cannot find your package, contact your local post office. Both Priority and Express packages are equipped with geolocation meaning that the PO can tell exactly when and where your delivery driver placed your package. We are not responsible for packages that have been stolen once delivered. If theft is a common occurrence, consider having your order delivered to a PO Box.



We will generally ship your order on our regular schedule regardless of temperatures. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the best time to make a purchase.

If your order is damaged due to cold, and you have opted NOT to add winter packing, the below is VOID.

Please email us if you have questions.



We do our best to pack all plants in a way to ensure safe delivery. If however, you notice damage on any of the plants upon receiving them, you have 6 hours to contact us with photos and a brief explanation. We will then determine how to proceed from there.

We understand that many people do not have any prior experience with growing carnivorous plants or orchids. To assist customers with their new plants, we include care instructions in the paperwork for every order. There are also growing guides featured on our site under the "Care" tab. You can reach us by phone or email if you have specific questions or need more information.

Outside of the 6 hours shipping damages policy, we do not offer any refunds or replacements.  These are living plants and ongoing viability is solely dependent on the customer consistently meeting the plant’s needs.