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Sarracenia 'Bug Bat', live carnivorous pitcher plant, potted

Sarracenia 'Bug Bat', live carnivorous pitcher plant, potted


A relatively new Sarracenia that has upright pitchers with nice coloring. It is thought to be a hybrid between S alta x psittacina (which contributes to the shape of the lip and growth habit) and S minor var. okefenokeensis (which contributes to the white windows and hood). When given ample sun, pitchers become a dusty rose on top and transition to green at the base. They also have white windows dotted along the back of the pitcher and a nice, prominent hood. They can get quite tall, around 15-20" when mature. In the spring it will produce lovely, saucer like red flowers. Does well when planted outside in full sun in a bog environment. Zone 5-9.

Plant is currently in a 4” pot.

Sarracenia care: American pitcher plants like to be outdoors. They do well in full sun, bog environments. Make sure their roots and rhizomes stay wet during the growing season. If you must water them, use rain, RO or distilled water. They can tolerate high temperatures as long as they do not dry out. Sarracenias are hardy to zones 4. During the winter they will go dormant and stop producing pitchers. You can protect them from hard freezes and biting winds by covering with leaves and burlap during the coldest winter months. Make sure they do not go dry during this time. In the spring they will ‘wake up’ and produce new pitchers and flower if old enough.

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