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Drosera serpens, Indica complex, Sundew, live carnivorous plant, potted

Drosera serpens, Indica complex, Sundew, live carnivorous plant, potted


This is a fun sundew! Its leaves are covered in small hairs that each hold a drop of dew that the plant uses to lure and capture unsuspecting insects. These leaves almost resemble arms or tentacles in the way they uncurl from the center of the plant and then grow upwards and in all directions. They can slightly coil around their insect prey as well. When the plants get large, they look like a bowl of spaghetti. They are excellent at catching small insects like ants, mosquitoes, and gnats. They grow well indoors in a sunny windowsill.

Plants are available in a 3.5" green pot.

Drosera and Pinguicula: Sundews and Butterworts do best in part shade / filtered sunlight. They are well suited for growing on window ledges. They must be watered with non-chlorinated water preferably with a low TDS (between 0 and 25ppm). You can use rain water or distilled. Allow to dry slightly but not completely in between waterings. When watering, place plants in a tray and pour water in tray about 1/2” (referred to as the tray method). Avoid watering the crown of the plant. Temperature should be maintained between 60°F and 80°F. It is important to keep humidity around 50% in order to ensure proper dew production. If your Drosera has little to no dew or your Pinguicula is not sticky, gradually increase light. They generally do well in terrariums. *Never use fertilizers or soils with salts, minerals, or added fertilizers

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