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Drosera filiformis, Thread leaf sundew, live carnivorous plant, potted

Drosera filiformis, Thread leaf sundew, live carnivorous plant, potted


Drosera filiformis is a lovely sundew native to the eastern United States. They are cold hardy and can survive to zone 5. During the winter the leaves will die back and the plant will form a winter hibernacula. Like other cold hardy carnivorous plants, they go dormant during the winter and wake up in the spring to resume growing. They are one of north america's largest sundew featuring long thread like leaves that can grow up to 10" in length. The entire leaf is covered with red hairs that hold droplets of dew that can attract and trap unsuspecting insects like mosquitoes and gnats. The flowers are pink to purple and bloom in sequence on a stalk that grows tall.

Available in a 2.5" pot.

Drosera Care: Sundews do best in partial shade to full sun. They are well suited for growing on window ledges or outdoors during warm months. They must be watered with non-chlorinated water preferably with a low TDS (between 0 and 25ppm). You can use rain water, RO or distilled. Allow to dry slightly but not completely in between waterings. When watering, place plants in a tray and pour water in tray about 1/2” (referred to as the tray method). Avoid watering the crown of the plant. Temperature should be maintained between 60°F and 85°F. They are not too particular about humidity requirements. If your Drosera has little to no dew, increase light. They generally do well in open terrariums. *Filiformis and intermedia will die back during the winter to form a “winter bud”. In the spring it will ‘wake up’ and begin producing leaves again.

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