This Saturday (5/25) we will be at Haywood's Historic Farmer's Market from 9-12. See you there! Happy Growing 💚
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Masdevellas:  They are generally small growing epiphytic orchids. Watering is important- they like to be watered thoroughly in well draining mix. Allow to slightly dry between watering. They do well in low light environments. The ideal temperature range is in the high 60's at night and mid 70's during the day. They also like a good humidity, in the 60-80% range. 

Paphiopedilum: When watering, I like to put them in a sink and pour water on the top for about a minute or two and let the water run through the bottom. Try not to get the water in the crown while you are doing that. I water when the top feels dry. They like low light like in an East facing window. If the leaves start to turn red, its too much light.As far as repotting, wait until it finishes blooming. You can put it in a deep pot around 4" wide. I like to use a peat based potting mix since the orchid is terrestrial. They are happy with typical house temperatures, around 60s during the night and upper 70s during the day.