Cooler temperatures are here! Thanks everyone for making this season great! We will still offer hanging baskets and media for all your repotting needs but we are suspending the sale of live plants until next February. Happy growing 💚
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New Inventory!

burmanii cedar cephalotus drosera inventory New products orchids serpens sundew

This growing season has been excellent so far! We now have more room since relocating our operation to a much bigger facility. So much more room that we have started to add more products to our inventory. Right now we are focussing on sundews simply because they are AWESOME! I just added D serpens which is a member of the indica complex. I also will have some D burmanii, D regia and Cephalotus in the works :D They will be up for sale later on in the season so keep checking back. 

They aren't carnivorous but I added 2 tropical ferns (Staghorn and Rabbit's Foot) that make great companion plants to many of our other tropical offerings. In the same vein, I listed a cedar mounting kit so that you can easily mount any type of epiphyte like bromeliads, orchids, and ferns. 

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