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Bromeliad love

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We have always liked bromeliads. What isn't to like about them? They are true statement pieces and easily brighten up any space. They are also fairly adaptable- they can be planted directly into the ground during warm months, placed in a bright sunny window, or mounted on bark in a terrarium. 

As some may know, in the last few years we have started to keep dart frogs. The creation of new vivariums for our beloved amphibians has only deepened our appreciation of bromeliads, specifically Neoregelias. It is from this place that we have decided to start growing more Neoregelias. 

We currently have more varieties than I can list off the top of my head but as they becone available I will list them here. Some stay small and would be an excellent candidate for terrariums while some are massive! They grow easily next to our tropical carnivores like the Nepenthes and really add color and texture to the space. I hope others enjoy these beauties as much as we do :)

Happy growing!

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