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Staghorn Fern, Platycerium bifurcatum 'Netherlands', Cedar mounted

Staghorn Fern, Platycerium bifurcatum 'Netherlands', Cedar mounted


Staghorn ferns have been a popular addition to many gardener's/plant enthusiast's collections for years. It doesn't look like a typical fern but features veined and lobed paddle shaped fronds that are lightly green and a bit fuzzy to the touch. The new leaves emerge from the base of the plant out of the shield fronds that help protect and achor the plant. They are epiphytic naturally which is why we offer it mounted. The 'Netherlands' variety stays smaller and more compact than the traditional ones.
Care is fairly simple. They like bright indirect light and moist roots. I like to water a couple times a week thoroughly. If you live in a dry environment, mist the leaves every couple of days.

They are mounted on a 5.5" square solid cedar plank which helps keep the roots aerated and not too soggy. The cedar also naturally helps to repel insects.

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