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Pilea peperomioides, Chinese Money Plant, Potted

Pilea peperomioides, Chinese Money Plant, Potted


Pilea peperomioides has many common names such as Chinese money plant, UFO plant, and Pancake plant just to name a few. The foliage of this easy to care for houseplant has thick, somewhat waxy disk shaped leaves making it an interesting plant to add to any decor. The coin shaped leaves branch out from a central upright stem. One of the best features of the plant is it ability to grow offshoots from the roots. I have even seen plantlets pop out of the drainage holes in pots! They produce small flowers that are delicate and remind me of starbursts. Care is very simple. They need bright but indirect light. Water whenever the soil starts to feel dry but do no keep them in a tray of water.

Plants are in a 4" pot.

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