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Neoregelia 'Fireball" with pup, live rooted bromeliad, houseplant

Neoregelia 'Fireball" with pup, live rooted bromeliad, houseplant


Small and compact bromeliad. These prolific plants are naturally epiphytic but do well mounted or potted. Foliage is bright orange to fiery red in the center with green outer leaves. Needs bright, filtered light and moist soil. Does well in a terrarium or vivarium environment. You will receive one mature, rooted plant with a pup.

Neoregelia care: These bromeliads can tolerate a large range of conditions. Most do well either planted in the ground or mounted on cork/bark/ect. They can also be grown outside year round in tropical climates, brought indoors if the temepratures are cool, or grown in terrariums or vivariums. They generally like filtered sun and warm, tropical temperatures. They prefer to stay above 55°F. Keep water in the center cup. If needed, dump water and replace weekly. Rain/distilled/RO water is preferred. They will reproduce through plantlets (pups) forming at the base of the mother plant.

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