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Hoya macrophylla ‘Albomarginata’, Wax Plant, Fragrant, Potted, WYSIWYG

Hoya macrophylla ‘Albomarginata’, Wax Plant, Fragrant, Potted, WYSIWYG


This is a relatively easy to care for vining Hoya. The leaves are succulent like that are long and pointed (approximately 5"). They are dark green with white margins and an eye pleasing texture. The new leaves often emerge as pink and as they mature take on their classic appearance. The tendril like to climb and would benefit from a trellis. This plant produces a cluster of small, waxy star shaped flowers that are light pink to white with a white to yellow center. They are lightly, pleasantly fragrant.

You will receive the exact plant in the photos (taken 6/13). It is currently in a 6" basket with multiple growths.

Hoyas like bright, indirect light. They also like warm temperatures and good humidity will help encourage it to bloom.

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