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Caladiums: They work well as outdoor plants either directly in the ground or in large planters. They prefer bright filtered light perhaps under a tree or on a covered patio. Water when dry. They can tolerate temperatures down to the low 50's. If you would like to overwinter, bring the bulb inside and store in a cool dry area. Replant in the spring. 

Hardy Ginger: They do best in a cool area outside planted in the ground. They need shade and cannot tolerate bright sun. They are hardy down to zone 6. If in a cooler zone, mulch to overwinter. They are deer resistant as well. 

Huernia Zebrina: These small cactus' are very tolerant. They like to be in a sandy, well drained mix. They need to be watered thoroughly during the growing season but allowed to dry between waterings. They like lower light, bright indirect light is best. They thrive in typical household temperatures. 

Ficus pumila: These vining plants do well in a variety of conditions. They do not like to completely dry out between watering. They are best in bright indirect light. 

Scented Geraniums: Do well outside in part sun. They can tolerate the heat but keep them moist. You can overwinter them by bringing inside to a bright, sunny window.